GeneratePress Page Header Options

GeneratePress Page Headers are Awesome

Each of Artisan’s pages uses GeneratePress Page Headers. The H1 page title is controlled in the Content area of each of them using the {{post_title}} Template Tag. The blog page has the H1 manually written in as it does not support template tags.

The Home page is using the «Home Page Header» which has Additional CSS applied to it for more control over the top and bottom padding on both desktop and mobile.

The Blog page is using the «Blog Page Header» which as mentioned has the H1 title manually written in the Content area.

The Style Guide page is using the «GP Page Header» which is set up to have the page header below the header containing the logo and navigation.

GeneratePress Transparent Page Headers

As you can see on this page, if you would like your background images to reside at the top of the page behind the logo and navigation, simply choose «GP Transparent Header». The only difference in this page header is that the option «Merge with site header» is selected under the Advanced page header settings.

Transparent Page Builder Headers

If you do not plan to use GeneratePress page headers and prefer to use your page builder for your page headers, you can simply choose «Page Builder Transparent Header.» This will turn off the GP page headers, and the first row of your page builder layout will go behind the GP header content. You will then need to add your H1 page title back into the page manually as it is no longer included in the GP page header.

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